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You can improve your driving skills whether taking individual or group lessons given by the instructor who is a professional kart racing driver. Kart Racing School provides coaching programs which include several levels of driving skills and experiences. Classes that we provide are as good of a choice for beginners as they are for those who want to take their driving skills to the next level. Education of drivers covers a number of lessons that include introducing to theoretical rules of driving, paths, curve mastering techniques, the structure of the engine and other safety rules.

While working with our professional instructors you will learn how to take that ideal path, how to brake properly and at which point to accelerate in order to achieve the best results. This will save you time and sharpen your driving skills.

You can choose between the following coaching programs offered by the Kart Racing School SBS:


This basic course is an optimal solution for all of those who encounter kart driving for the first time, as well as for those who would like to improve their driving techniques.

It consists of 8 lessons, 60 minutes each.

Each lesson is conducted in accordance with the program, whether the theoretical part or practical driving are concerned. Our instructors will introduce students with the way karting works, engine structure, chassis structure, as well as other elements, and then with the driving itself. A student will get thorough instructions on how to find and follow the ideal line, how to master the curves, get ahead of somebody, as well as how to properly behave on the racing track. During the course, the students use our rental kart vehicles of different power, depending on the age and their driving abilities. Your safety is of paramount importance to us, all the students will be absolutely protected while on the track.

At the end of the STEP ONE course drivers will have acquired all the necessary knowledge on kart driving as well as on proper behavior on race tracks. The course can be attended by children starting from the age of 6. After attending the STEP ONE program, each student will be granted a certificate, together with the possibility to attend the next, advanced STEP TWO program.


This course represents a step further in mastering driving skills and it offers dealing with the problems of driving in more detail. The STEP TWO program covers a new set of lessons and tactical exercises in order for drivers to improve their techniques.

It consists of 8 lessons, 60 minutes each, and it is conducted on rental kart vehicles of different power ranges.

At the end of the STEP TWO course drivers will be fully enabled to independently drive and maintain both karts, and accessory equipment. This course is also available to children starting the age of 7. After attending the STEP TWO program, each student will be granted a certificate, together with the possibility to attend the next, even more advanced STEP THREE program.


This course is the final step of our coaching program. It is for those who wish to master their kart driving techniques and take them to the professional level. Within this program our instructors are dealing with the most complicated segments of kart driving in different conditions, such as managing a hustle on the track, practicing to recognize unexpected situations and to react appropriately, practice getting ahead of the opponent, holding the position etc.

The course consists of 8 lessons, 60 minutes each.

It is conducted on professional kart vehicles of different power range and performance. 8 year olds and older are eligible to attend.